About The Fitness Lab

The Fitness Lab started with a single vision - to help our clients create positive change in their lives.

We will assist you in achieving the goals you have longed for and believe that everyone owes it to themselves to be the best they can be. The key is confidence, and we want you to regain confidence in your body!

The starting point is discussing your individual goals and where you want to be. We will help you assess where you are now and together determine next steps. This means changes in routine, food choices and everyday attitude to well being. Food and exercise work together to make a sustainable healthy life.

Fitness Studio

The Fitness Lab is a fun, energetic and friendly boutique gymnasium with a specialist team of trainers dedicated to creating a true personalised training experience.

The Fitness Lab is centrally located in the heart of Harp Village, specialising in Personal Training and group training classes. We are not a ‘general purpose’ gym in the traditional sense. However, as an extra service to our clients, we provide access to our Lab facilities for a monthly fee. This helps our clients to implement their training from PT sessions and group classes in their own time.




Our Address:

658 High St,

Kew East VIC 3102

Opening Hours
MON - THURS                 

5:00am - 8:00pm

5:00am - 1:00pm

8:00am - 12pm (or by appointment)

9:00am - 11:30am (or by appointment)


(03) 9859 2887

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Personal Training

The Fitness Lab's qualified and committed trainers will provide you with individual attention to your specific needs, helping you achieve your goal.

Group Training

Group training is fun, flexible and an economical way to achieve increased fitness.

Casual Access

Gain unlimited access to the gym's facilities. It's a great environment to get fit and healthy.